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I told your mom not to swallow you!!! - Gr8neSS,, 7/22/13

Had sex with this girl and didnt have a condom on and i cam in her - rico blue,, 7/19/13

i threw my friens luggage in dog shit - dylan,, 7/18/13

I rubbed my balls on JBs house windows then shit on his car. - Parker,, 7/13/13

I hooked up with my best friends girl at a party - Mark Conrad,, 7/13/13

Once I was at a party and this fat bitch wanted to hook up with me so I hid in the bathroom the entire time - Cristian,, 7/9/13

I punched this old lady in the pussy then ran away - Josh jones, 7/4/13

Well oneitme i tranformed into a dick and fucked my mom. - Adolf Hitler, 7/2/13

I punched a cripple in the nuts. - Pavo Sanchez, 6/25/13

One christmas party 3ish years ago,my friends and i decided to fuck with our friend derek hes a fat basement dwelling creature, i put a dildo under his christmas tree adressed to his little sister from him with a card noting \"think of me when you use this\" to jen love your big bro derek the 10in classic bender was opened christmas morning and he didnt go to school from vacation for another week and when he returned we made fun of him to no extent about how he gave his little sister a 10in classic bender my only regret was that it was white andnot black lololol - Dick Dickly, 6/20/13

well lets see....hmmm well I kinda was at a stag party and like totally hooked up with this chick and totally banged but at the last second i took off the condom just to freaking jizz - Hera, 5/27/13

I punched a dog in the face. - Sebastian Balde, 5/26/13

Tazered my friend - Junior, 5/18/13

I pushed someone into their own shit. - Kenny, 4/23/13

When I fucked your mom - John Woods, 4/18/13

I put butter in my friends underwear. - Emily, 3/29/13

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